Friday, January 2, 2009


Everytime i was inside Yima sure call me 小袋鼠,小袋鼠 (kangaroo)
This is a magic baby carrier
bcoz im easy to fall sleep inside.

this is how i look sleep inside carrier... ZZZzzz
(photo snap in diffrent date)


MommyAngel said...

oh ... jacelyn is so cute. She really fall asleep at your back ah? hahaha, too comfortable liao :P

nicole said...

mayb too comfortable
mayb too boring inside till fall sleep

the little prince said... out Jacelyn head after she fall asleep huh.....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said... cute and she really can fall asleep inside the carrier. So good girl!

nicole said...

the little price
yeap, we will put her on bed after she fall sleep inside carrier.

this magic carrier is our 最后武器, if she yet to sleep @ night.

Natalia said...

Jacelyn so easy to take care. She can fall asleep very easily inside the carrier. You also senang lor.

quEeNie said... cute & sweeet