Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am 5 months~

~Able to roll over in both directions
~Able to use hands to graps an object
~ loves singing : makes squealing, gurgling and cooing sounds
~ very excited (jump) if Jessica jie jie talk to me, dance or running
~ imitate sound : They laugh, i laugh. Jie jie cry, i follow cry
~ Loves to play chasing (daddy hug me chase Jessica Jie jie)
~ Able to take porridge (use blender blend the rice b4 cook , so tat the porridge is very soft)


little prince's mummy said...

The porridge is well-cooked. :)

quEeNie said...

happy 5 months to Jacelyn

Kristie said...

happy 5 mths jacelyn!

u or jayden bigger ah? :)

jayden born on 1st aug 08. I think u are older ya?

nicole said...

little rice mummy
haha.. my mum cook for Jacelyn

Thx, looking forward ur baby in this month

Size: Jayden bigger
Ade: Jacelyn older 2 days (30/7/08)

Natalia said...

Daniel just started took porridge last week. Ya...the porridge looked very soft...easy for Jacelyn to swallow...

Kristie said...

haha ya size definitely jayden bigger! :p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is good that Jacelyn can take porridge now...She can be more full after eating it.