Wednesday, June 24, 2009

addict climb staircase

Every baby in certain age will LOVE to climb up staircase
of course Jacelyn everyday sure climb up repeat & repeat

a short preview showing she climbing

once arrive half way , she want to grab things trying hard to grab
oh... get something
direct put inside mouth to taste it
hey, is mobile phone, mummy stop her to put inside mouth!

Monday, June 15, 2009

10 months Milestone

Hi everybody, im 10 moths already!!!

* Able stand and walk with some support
* Plays peek-a-boo
* Able open the sippy cup cover, open milk bottle cover
* Pretend very pity once daddy back home (want daddy hug)
* making soft voice once holding a soft toys
* making a loud voice once saw the ppl she knw. eg: "ah! "
* No teeth yet!
* 4 Oz every 3 hours (daytime), 5 Oz during mid night
* Recognise the song when we watch Playhouse Disney Channel 613
* Able climb staircase until 1st floor
* nap time lesser 12pm-1pm and 5pm-6pm (tired mummy!!!)