Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jacelyn Bday Cake

Greentea cake bought at Sunway Piramid.
singing bday song session
Birthday frm YiMa, we celeb with family on 24/7/09
singing bday song session
blowing candle , Jessica jie jie help on it
daddy cut cake


Mummy Ryan said...

Wah the cake look yummy then got 2 cakes some more for little Jacelyn...:)

the little prince said...

wah...I had this cake for my mum before...very nice!!

MeRy said...

Yummy my share??

nicole said...

KC, hahah, 1 cake is celebration outside wt fren, another is celeb wt family.
The Greentea cake taste very nice

Yugene, yes, now i stil think of buy again to eat the greentea cake, very nice leh

Mery, yes, u come to KL, i buy for u .. ahhahah

Jess said...

Happy birthday

From Jess

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Jacelyn is such a lucky girl. Two celebrations and with two cakes too.

The first two pics were from my camera? Glad that at least it looks clear.

I have a tag for you

CH Voon said...

Happy belated birthday to Jacelyn