Monday, March 9, 2009

My Dear Bed Rail

Thanks to mummy Winnie (MP member) helping me to buy this Bed Rail at My Dear Warehse Sale...... since mummy no time to go there.


MommyAngel said...

This bed rail is for Jacelyn or Jesssica? Nice leh .... I saw it last time and wanted to get it but very expensive!

agnes said...

I bought double bed rail from First Few Years and it was great for our King size bed placing on the floor lah..

At least I don't have to worry middle of night if Chloe did fell off the bed or not ma.. ;)

Great buy!!

MeRy said...

Juz wondering the bed rail is suitable for all kind of bed????

梦想罐头 said...

every year i love to change a new bed rail but always is my husband buy for me... no mood.

Kristie said...

actually i was also thinking if i wanted to get one... but cos was rushing so didnt check it out!

how much is it? and is it very long?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So have you start using the bed rail? I am sure it is very useful.

nicole said...
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nicole said...

the bedrail is for Jacelyn, bcoz Jessica sleep on Queen size mattress placing on floor with daddy, and Jacelyn sleep on bed with me, its very dangerous for her coz her rowing like row over the pillow, im a bit worry she falls down from bed.
This bed rail only RM69.00, not so expensive.

yup, before i get the bed rail, i place a lots of pillow to built like wall, still worry she can pull all pillow out of bed, now got this bed rail, at least no worry....

the bed rail got a lot of types, some only suit for single bed size mattress. if for King size bed mattress and those very thick one, u have to check the "height" of bed rail before u buy it.

its only RM69.00. before discount its Rm89.90.
its not very long, only half of queen size bed.

yup, started to using it. but better use on those bed show in tis link: