Friday, September 5, 2008

Sealer Diaper Package

Mummy saw a leaflet about Sealer special package and already place a order from CCTI Marketing (Sealer office). What she bought are as follow :

newborn baby package
NB Size x 1 Pack
S size 1 pack
360 sheet soft baby sheet
Towel x 1 pc
RM10 Voucher
all together only RM60 (1 family only can get 1)

Special offer for 6 pack Sealer Diaper is RM168, mummy order L Size 3 pack + S size 3pack to me & Jessica Jie Jie.

So altogether after deduct RM10 voucher is cost RM218.00


little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ U stock in so many~~~

nicole said...

yes, but Mamypoko still is the BEST. Sealer i let them wear during daytime.

Stephanie said...

so far i've only let my girl used sealer once from sample given. How do you find it? How many hours average it can last?

little prince's mummy said...

At least, Sealer is better than EQ

nicole said...

step & little price mummy
yes, Sealer is better than EQ. Sealer can stand 4-5 hours for my gal so far. So im only let her during evening

HK Choo said...

Hi Nicole, came upon your blog after googling on "Sealer Diapers". Just wondering aloud, did you have to pay any delivery charges to the company CCTI? They quote me RM 15 for sending it to Penang, so now I'm thinking if it's worth it afterall.